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Colorcam is intended as a tool for every artist, designer or visual creators toolbelt.


Capture the exact color that catches your eye.


Share the colors you pick with your clients or friends. Ideal for any visual project.

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Colorcam - pick any color

Convert any color that catches your eye into a useful color codes for any project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Colorcam works?

Colorcam uses your iPhone camera to extract any color you wish to pick and stores it for later. There is no to take a picture and try to extract it in your editing tool of choice.

What happens to the colors I picked?

Colorcam saves all the colors you picked for later. You can easily scroll the bottom of the screen to view all the colors you picked. If your colors get to messy you can easily clear them with just a tap

How can I use the colors I picked?

You can easily share the colors you picked by tapping the share button and sharing the color in RGB or HEX format. Use the naturel colors you picked in your project or show them to your clients

More questions?

Feel free to contact us for a nice chat, feedback or any further inquiries.

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And start crafting beauiful visual based on real life colors.

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*Works on iOS 13.1 or later.